Are you wanting a company who can work closely with you to either bring existing high quality dog related products to your business or maybe even create a range of your own products, to develop and grow your own brand?

We can provide your solution through our dedicated and supportive team.  Our wide range of dog related brands can provide fantastic quality products for your customers active dogs, with a full UK warranty and backup service for yourself and your team.  We utilise our own retail shops to uniquely allow the testing and feedback on brands and new products prior their general release.  This allows you to be more confident of positive reactions from your own customers, helping maintaining your own highly quality reputation.  You can check out our current brands by clicking on our Brands page above.

If you're wanting to make even more of an impact for your business, why not work with us to develop your own product ranges.  If you're just starting out, you could choose from our range of "MY LABEL" products, allowing you to introduce a product range into your business with minimal investment.  If you're wanting something more bespoke, or you have existing designs already being manufactured elsewhere, our dedicated "MY PRODUCTS" team can work with you to develop and create products from the materials up completely bespoke and exclusive to you.  Further to your manufacture, our experienced MY PRODUCTS team are also able to offer support with sales of your products into other retailers and markets, if this is your overall aim in direction.

You can find more information about how we can support you in manufacturing your products by clicking on our Manufacture page above.


Team Member Image 1

Stuart Malcolmson


In 2010 Stuart founded the Arctic Wolf brand, which became the first products produced by ORKA Outdoors.  Today he continues to lead the organisation and heads up the sales and development team.


Carrie Richards


Coming from a retail management background and having worked for various global businesses, Carrie joined the team in 2020 to lead our Purple Dog retail brand.  Carrie ensures that not only our retail business elements run smoothly but also acts as our test bed for the retailing of new products and brands.


David Wright


Raised in South Africa, David joined our team in 2021 after returning to the UK.  Having managed and owned textile manufacturing companies, his experience of textile operations is unprecidented.


Dawn Walker


With over 30 years experience of textile manufacture, Dawn has led teams manufacturing everything from clothing to event tents.  Dawn leads our team cutters and machinists, to ensure everything meats our high quality standards.


Ellie Rhodes


Ellie joined our team in 2022 with a passion for creativity and design.  She supports our day to day sales, whilst also delivering on the creation of POS and other marketing materials, for both our own and our partners brands.