We have a comprehensive range of modern manual and automated sewing machines, including bartack, lockstitch, overlock, walking foot and binding, all suited to working with heavy duty materials.  Alongside our experienced machinist staff, this provides us the ability and capacity to create a wide range of products, ranging from sports gear through to heavy canvas and webbing work.

Our existing customer base already includes pet equipment companies, roof rack accessories companies and knitwear engineering firms, producing a wide variety different products.


Due to our unique relationship with both our clients and and suppliers, we are able to produce both own branded or variants on our existing produces or design completely unique products from custom materials.  We also specialise in small batch production, allowing our clients to introduce new products to the market, without the huge financial commitments some companies require.  This allows production quantities to grow, as products become established.


To find out more about the services we can offer and discuss your requirements, please contact our sales team on 01773 688240.