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The Dragrattan Multi-Sport harness is perfect for any discipline which requires a higher attachment point, including Skijor, Scootering, Bikejor and Canicross. 


The shorter design creates a more direct power transfer and the added belly strap helps to keep the harness positioned correctly if the dog begins to slow down.


RRP is £54.95
Sizing is as follows:
(Size, Tab Colour, Dog Weight, Dog Neck Size)
0 White 10-14 kgs 40 cms
1 Yellow 15-17 kgs 42 cms
2 Red 18-21 kgs 44 cms
3 Blue 20-23 kgs 46 cms
4 Grey 23-27 kgs 48 cms
5 Black 26-30 kgs 50 cms
6 Gold 29-33 kgs 52 cms
7 Brown 32-36 kgs 54 cms
8 Green 36-40 kgs 56 cms
9 Purple 40-44 kgs 58 cms
N.B. - All sizing is approximate


We are one of Britain's leading manufacturers of dog equipment, so you know you'll be getting a high quality product manufactured in our own factory in Derbyshire.  We're also a trusted manufacturing partner of various other dog accessory brands and promote British manufactured products across the world.


Dragrattan Multi-Sport Dog Harness

£54.95 Regular Price
£34.95Sale Price