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Dogs love chasing after the wild bounce that comes from the new KONG Squeezz Action balls featuring dynamic rubber and fun shapes that make games of fetch way more fun. Vibrant, multi-textured, grippy balls beg for chewing and chomping with each squeeze delighting dogs from the added squeakers safely embedded within the toy.

  • Vibrant coloured, multi-textured fetch toy for engaging fun.
  • Entertaining bounce and roll for interactive play sessions.
  • Squeaker engages for added excitement.

Dogs will love the wild bounce from the KONG Squeezz Action Red Balls! The bright colours and erratic movements mixed with the internal squeaker will ignite the playful instincts in your dog, and provide them with hours of fun. Bring these balls with you during walks and enjoy an interactive game of fetch with your dog.

This multi-textured ball is made from 98% TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) and 2% Plastic Squeaker embedded into the toy making it safe for dogs who like to chew (only suitable for light to moderate chewing, for dogs who like to chew tougher, try the KONG rubber toys). However it is not indestructible, so please remember to supervise your dog while they are playing with this toy and be aware of any damage that might occur, please remove the toy when signs of damage starts to show.

Size Guide:

  • Large (2 pack 8cm diameter)

KONG Squeezz Action Ball (2 Pack)

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