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  • Remedy For Loose Stools: Loose stools in dogs may be caused by diet change or as a puppy’s diet graduates to nutritionally dense foods; VetIQ Stool Firm stops loose stools to help ensure your dog is absorbing the required nutrients
  • VetIQ Stool Firm tablets are specially formulated with a unique blend of pectin and pumpkin for added fibre, betacarotene and vitamins which helps increase stool firmness
  • Improves Intestinal Health: The Stool Firm formulation promotes a healthy intestinal tract with kaolin for toxin absorption and prebiotic fibre, Inulin, to promote the presence of beneficial gut bacteria
  • Stool Firm tablets contain calcium carbonate which helps to form a barrier along the gut assisting the natural balance of the digestive tract; Use daily on dogs and puppies ages 8 weeks and up

VetIQ Stool Firm 45 tablets

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